Sheet metal on ponywalls

I was in the house yesterday in the attic and noticed sheet metal was visible between the pieces of drywall I thought that was really weird. I then get into the crawl space and find more sheet metal apparently they used it for the top and bottom of the walls. Best I can tell the sheet metal was attached using sheet metal screws. I have zero knowledge on this at all at any and all input would be greatly appreciated

Looks like some crazy hybrid using steel track with wooden studs. Definitely unique.

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Yeah it’s definitely unique I have never ever seen anything like it. I’ve seen metal studs obviously have seen wood studs I’ve never seen the two of combined and don’t know if it’s even possible.

Might of had that left over from a job. Those are 3-1/2" Metal stud tracks. They might of been attempting to use it as a slip track where you keep the studs 1/2" shy of the top track to compensate for deflection above.
But a real slip track has a longer vertical leg.

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They looked tight to me. But sadly not knowing what I’m looking at I don’t know what to look for.

I randomly checked them for compression and everything look to be okay my biggest concern was the fasteners used. I cannot obviously see anything that is covered a sheetrock in the main framing of the house like I said I could see the caps in the attic. This meaning it had to pass a framing inspection. However I have no idea what kind of fasteners they use there. Luckily city and county inspectors never ever ever make mistakes.

Drywall to metal stud framing they use these
and for fastening studs to tracks, they use these;

or these;

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I’ve seen and installed this method of framing often in commercial applications. Architects like it around here.

It appears they used these screws to attach and they don’t look like either of your screws. This screw was laying in the track next to a stud.

Coarse thread drywall because they were screwing in the wood. When it is metal, they use fine threads.

So are saying they are okay or bad? I greatly appreciate all the help on this.

Right tread, just wrong type head for the application, but OK for what it is doing.

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Thanks so much for sharing some of your knowledge. I greatly appreciate the help.