Shell Busey, topic: Concrete block wall leaking

Is Shell an expert on this subject? #-o Just asking.

For now…
4:30…He says, once the wall has been drained…you want to use stay dry, xypex, water seal…to seal the block on the inside…therefore if the problem is happening again then at least your gonna have the water sealed on the inside…??? lolol #-o#-o

Wasn’t the question/subject…concrete block wall leaking? Huh?

You haven’t ANSWERED the stupid question Shell!!! lolol
I think Shell still buddy’s up wiff Basement Systems.


Concrete block wall leaking?
Then the homeowner most likely, either has an EXTERIOR crack, cracked parging, no parging etc and needs exterior waterproofing on the outside of the wall, or part of that wall where it leaks/seeps, and-or, there can be 1+ openings/crevices etc above the basement wall such as, open-cracked mortar joints, bricks, openings around basement windows, doors etc.

Duh homeowner would then need those joints tuckpointed or openings around doors caulked etc etc.

Shell, you say apply CRAP like this on inside blocks??? #-o
Listen…another homeowner who had CRAP applied on inside block wall, STILL leaks man! That’s why they called my dumb az!
They didn’t call Bubba-Milk over for COFFEE and delightful demeanor!!!

They applied the JUNK on bottom 3 courses of blocks, absolute rip off! The green-gray sht.

One of the vertical cracks…it’s ummm duh on the outside and applying JUNK on the inside does nuttin!

And here’s the supposed LIFETIME GUARANTEE…and other paper junk

Shell ever hear of running a water-test with a hose whenever in doubt what the, where the, problem is…huh?

Like it or not, it’s very often something like this on exterior of block wall
…and applying CRAP on the inside blocks doesn’t stop further water from entering the block wall THROUGH this!!! Geeeeeeezuz
And drilling holes on inside ONLY lets the water, that’s in there now, out…got that?

It’s about being a dang PRO Mr Shell (not a wanna be, got milk?) and a pro that will honestly identify, find the actual problem(s) and then…fix it!