Shhhhh.... Bushfart at work

Here is a private email Bushfart just sent me.

Now what are you going to do that I broke a rule? Have me banned? Call Nick and see what he wants you to do!

You can’t respond because you don’t have the brains to piece together logical well informed responses you dufus!

Do you really think people are continually going to put up with the likes of you ?

You can’t even inspect, and your website is a testament to a wannabe!

Another juvenile response from a phony. James is no more capable of inspecting than Wendy was. Your nothing but a wanker!

…and he’s not.:D;-)

I guess he will grow tired of being Lewis Capaul after a month or two.:roll:

It is kind of him, though, to demonstrate how correct the decision to expel him was. This guy is a freakin’ lunatic.

Its apparent the only lunatic here and a fraud artist is you! James your following is waking up to what type of person you are.

Now that rwand1 is on my ignore list he makes more sense:p

Lurch who cares. Duh!

This is soooo much better. You all need to try it:cool:

La La La I can’t hear you. I told you it’s much better.:wink:

Lerch whats a matter can’t deal with the truth about Nachi and how it actually treats members? You must be a rookie!