Shingle defect?

Came across this roof, there are raised dimples in a few different areas on the roof. They are not deteriorating and the aggregate is still in place. The roof is about 7 years old. The property is listed for $3.8M. How much of a concern should this be?


Piece of helpful information.


when you say raised dimples, do you mean like bubbles or blisters?

was the entire roof like this, or just a portion?

kinda hard to tell from the pic. gotta close up?

Blisters are a defect. They’ll probably pop. Problems in the production line. The makers almost never shut down the line, but try to pull off bad shingles before they get packaged. I’d recommend starting with the roofer that installed them. He could determine the manufacturer, then get the rep. involved. Good luck to the new owner.

Cracking and blistering is a common defect related to Certain Teed Horizon Shingles.

Problems have reached Class Action status…

I only noted bubbles/blisters in certain areas not throughout the entire roof. Two places noted, are next to dormers. Other areas seem fine.

Any better?


How would you report it Joe?


Looking at the pic’s, is this blisters that have opened, or possible hail damage?

Hi Linda- good question, I do not believe it is hail damage, but I am not sure. I would think there would be a dimple near the blister but I didn’t see any.


Condition appears to be Blistering resulting in a loss of aggregate.

Bliistering is indicative of a Roofing Manufacturer Defect. Recommend further reviews and estimations for Roof Replacement be obtained.

Thanks Joe,

Sounds good.