Shining a light where there's a need


Shining a light where there’s a need

Posted Nov 17, 2011 By Ray Yurkowski

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Brighton officials were thrilled with yet another example of philanthropy in the community with the announcement of the installation of lights at the skateboard park, at no cost to the municipality. From the left are CAO Gayle Frost, Recreation Director Jim Millar, benefactor Roy Cooke and Mayor Mark Walas.

EMC Lifestyles - Brighton - Another resident has come forward to donate to the public good. And, while it might not be in the range of the gift received earlier this year to build a splash pad in municipality, Recreation Director Jim Millar says it’s one more thing he can cross off the community wish list.

Retired home inspector Roy Cooke says the decision was easy after getting a spontaneous helping hand, more than once, from some area students.

“I was working on my lawn and I had a bunch of wood that needed to be moved,” he explained. “A couple of young kids came up and asked if they could help. They worked like beavers for the better part of two hours for nothing more than a thank-you.”

Another time, Cooke was trying to move a barrelful of dirt when two high school students offered a helping hand.

It wasn’t long afterward when Cooke noticed some skateboarders trying to get in some extra time at the skateboard park by parking two cars as close as possible to the facility and shining their headlights into the area.

“I thought it would be nice if they had lights there,” he said. “When I offered it to the town, they couldn’t have welcomed me more.”

“I was thrilled when Roy came into the office and made the offer,” said municipal CAO Gayle Frost. “Those things don’t come along very often, when someone walks in and makes a generous offer to cover 100 per cent of the cost.”

“And now with the time change, skateboarders can use the facility more,” she added. “Especially now that it gets dark early and the kids still aren’t ready to go in.”

The cost to light the skateboard park was about $800 says Cooke. “But I think Rowley Electric (who took care of the installation) helped out a little bit because I believe it was a little more expensive than that. When they found out it was for the kids, they took care of it.”

“This is indicative of the folks that live here and the concern they have for improving the community,” said Mayor Mark Walas.

It is unfortunate they left out Roys Home Inspection and
Skip Eden’s name .
Skip paid 50% of the cost and I am still a part of Roys .

Very nice Roy.

Great story Roy! Nice to see you give back to so many.

Thanks Kevin .
Char and I have done this all our Life .
I cleaned out the gutters for two senior ladies last week and get the Mail and Groceries for another all the time .
Life has treated us well and we try to pass it on.

Thats very nice of you two,its a nice feeling to give back to the comunity. I have volentered with the Habitat For Humanity for many yrs now myself.

My hat is off to you Roy. A *very kind gesture *for your community!