Found this yesterdayPaul Lenger 075.JPG

Paul Lenger 075.JPG

Paul Lenger 075.JPG

Paul Lenger 075.JPG

They forgot to plug the ground in.
You better write them up. :wink:

If that’s a TR receptacle the little shutters hold the wires in real good. Just kidding…:stuck_out_tongue:

Wire you worried about that?

They put them in the wrong slots - I would write that up for reversed polarity

Are you sure?

The white wire always goes in the wide slot.

Yep, unless the same guy wired that receptacle box. :wink:

The receptacle is ground up.

Ground up or ground down, the small slot is still the un-grounded conductor.

I think the ground wire connected to the faucet ought to clean everything up

Correct, I had to look twice because it’s an optical illusion in the photo. When ground up the neutral slot is on the right where the white conductor is.

Which differ from my receptacle.

Ground up, the small slot is on the left.

Yes. I saw that when I checked against my own after you asked me if I was “sure”. I was already committed, so that was the best answer I could produce ;). It certainly looks like the white is in the narrow slot in the picture.