Shooting in Montreal

Yet another shooting in Montreal,lone gunman at Dawson College in downtown Montreal.To much info to list here but the cops did shoot and have killed this "BASTARD"It would be an insult to victims and family to have to endure a lengthy trial.I hope for the best to victims in hospital,and for the families of the deceased my condolences


Sorry guys,post probably not making much sense but I’m f…g furious right now,it impaires my thinking process.This bastard reminds me of Columbine and the previous Montreal University shooting.I have a daughter in University and as a parent i worry.And this just makes me go ballistic.


No worries Mario we understand, especially when you have children in college.

I can relate Mario. Too many shootings here in Seattle lately too. Seems like every night on the news…more shootings.


The police did not kill him as initially reported,they shot him in the arm,and then he shot himself in the head!!