Shopping In Texas

I was in a class for my Utah permit, and the instructor played this to lighten things up.
Thought of John O, John M, and all our other friends . . .

And you can tell those that are from Texas and those that are not.

More cows in Wisconson or California than Texas. Just more of that east coast fake cowbow bull**** that true westerners laugh about. :smiley:

It would be better for the USA if Texas just got it over and went back to Mexico. :twisted:

True, if you include dairy cows, Texas does have the most beef cows however.

I forget from time to time of your disdain for anything Texas. Thanks for reminding us :slight_smile:

Old Ladies In Texas Beat Down Driver

Oh, no,
no Texas bashing !
It will just start the ‘altercation’ hehhehehe

Just kidding Michael, I have a couple of pretty good friends From Texas. And all in all I appreciate the Texas outlook on life.

I will try to keep my inane rhetoric about Texas down to a dull roar.:smiley:

Texicans are kinda thin skinned though. :wink:


And furthermore, the best Chicken Fried Steak in Phoenix is at place called Texaz Grill, go figure. :smiley:

Damn! They serve Blue Bell Ice Cream there…I’m impressed. The ‘little creamery in Brenham’ is really reaching out.

Hey, you thread drifters!!!
Did ANYbody see


Yes…:wink: Good one.

Sorry Russ…back on track…have you seen and watched this video?