Shoreline Wa Training

I see in the “upcomming events” that there is a course for residential home inspection training in Shoreline WA starting on Feb 5, 2007, but the link doesn’t go anywhere. I’m looking for more info on this. Can anyone help me? Here’s a link. Do a message board search for Steve Smith who is a NACHI member and posts on this BB, you’ll get additional info.


Thanks for the hand on that link. We have this really nice, and detailed, web page at BTC. In the past these links at NACHO or Shoreline connected to that. However, for some reason, they are now re-doing all their web pages at BTC and, for the time being, our page is down. This is a very complete program and includes one mentored WDO inspection with students and 4 other mentored inspections. If you compare the price to the number of hours received, 160, in structure, exterior, roofing, electric, A/C, plumbing, chimneys, furnaces, etc, this is a great bargain in professional home inspection training. And it is state accredited. So, sorry about the link issue, but anyone should feel free to call me for more information. Toll free: 866-676-6908


Steve Smith
Program Coordinator
Residential Home Inspection Training


The BTC link is working again. They are revamping the website.