Short Essay for Library research

Inspecting a garage-

This particular article covered truss design and alterations, along with anchor points. This inspector had a tip that a neighbors garage roof collapsed so he paid extra attention to the current homes garage.

Upon initial review he noticed a lot of alterations done to the Trusses. This is a big red flag, as no trusses should be altered unless approved by an engineer. These trusses had load points changed and then laminated with plywood sheathing.

The Trusses were also anchored to the wall directly through the the drywall with decking screws. This is not sufficient because these screws are not designed to hold shear force.

Although this covers a small aspect of this garage inspection it is important to pay attention to trusses and truss anchor points in all areas of a home where they are visible.

As I have said many times, especially here in Florida, neighbors can be the greatest source of information on what has happened in/on/ and around the home you are inspecting.

I always introduce myself to a neighbor if they are outside, tell them what I am doing and then just wait for them to fill me in on the history of the home. Some of the items I have found have been invaluable.