Short Hello......Miss Ya

Hey Guys (and assorted Gals),

Just stopped by today to post a few comments (I finished my work in the office getting ready for next weeks NFPA NITMAM’s in Chicago, IL) and say howdy to all my beloved brethren here at the old stomping ground.

I see all the regulars are still here (that’s good) and some new faces as well. Always great to see NACHI growing !

Well as you all know I travel a lot and am hardly able to take a few moments to give a shout out to the NACHI-ITES so to all of you busy bees doing those home inspections I have one message for you…KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. What you do makes a difference !

The knowledge, dedication and devotion you all bring to your industry is simply amazing. You all are considered the NACHI ELITE in my book.

Peace Out…and Be Safe !

I am here .
Busy as hell too.
Chicago is rocking at the moment.

I am awaiting Paul’s new e-book. Any idea of when it will be released?

Awesome Bob…I will be in Chicago from June 10 to 14th. If you get into the city look me up as I will be at the McCormick Place Convention Center during the days…working on that good ole’ NEC.

Hi Paul, nice to hear from you. Hope all is well. :slight_smile:

Well once I am done writing it…lol…and once I submit it and it gets office approval then I will release it. But not until it gets final approval otherwise It will hit the bottom on the waste basket…:wink:

Always great to see you on the forum, and on FB. I look forward to your next book.

I will still be in town then.
Out near O’Hare.
Just remember you need a Union guy to plug in your laptop.
Only $5,000.

McCormick lost all the conventions thanks to those guys.

Hey Jeff…Good to see ya…yeah I am kinda a facebook junkie if you will. You can always tell when I am traveling…I post on FB at every stop (not sure why…lol )

Bob - I will be flying into that airport on Monday around noon…then taking the dreaded shuttle to my hotel. Looking forward to seeing so many NEC friends and family in Chicago.

You don’t like Linkedin?

I’m on Linked In also…but that’s the Business Side of me…the FB is the fun side of me.

Look me up if around the airport area though I inspect all over the Chicago area.

So you are 2 sided and after all this time I thouht you were 4 square.:shock:

lol…I am four eyed…that is confirmed. I like all social media or I would not be here typing this message. :wink:

Did you make Raleigh and if yes what happened?

Hey Mike,

Are you talking about the hearings for the Senate and House Bills? If that is what you are talking about I did not make that event since I am here at the NFPA Hearings and NITMAM session in Chicago. However, I can tell you that if that is what you are referring to then I have sad news for the NC Residents…Your Senate and House has lowered the safety expectations on your homes in NC. They have approved a move to a 6 year code adoption process and it was clear the Home Builders put all their lobby money behind it and they have no idea how it lowers the safety of homes and puts NC behind the curve for future advancements in emerging and established technology. Sad result for NC Residents in my opinion.