Short sales surging.

Short sales are rising sharply. In January, short sales rose 33% compared with 12 months earlier, RealtyTrac said.

During the January, 32 states saw year-over-year percentage increases in short sales. Even more encouraging, short sale deals outnumbered foreclosures in 12 states, including some of the hardest hit like California, Arizona and Florida.

Business has exploded. I have 3 inspections scheduled for Sunday and just got a call that tried to book a 4th one for Sunday. On a side note, HG Companion makes it possible to do more onsite reporting. I had an inspection today that took me 10 minutes to complete the report.


I have been going great for this time of year here too.

I haven’t messed with this much Linus, This is where i want to go.

OK Bob…:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the compliment, Roy.:stuck_out_tongue:

Do you use the HIP for Android Mike? I had 3 inspections last Tuesday and finished my reports between inspections. Just had to put the final touches on them when I got home. Maybe 15 minutes or so to tweak each one before I uploaded them. I used Home Gauge PDA for several years so it was an easy transition to do it with the Android, I picked up a Samsung Note, nice size and it slips in the back pocket.

Linus, I use HIP, and I am SUPPOSED to be a BETA tester. (or shall i say was supposed to be one) I have been so busy with work, vacations, and life in general I have not had time. I have an android phone, no confident it can handle HIP. Its pretty slow. Looking into an android tablet.

How much did that Samsung set you back?