Short video: REALTOR has something to say to you all


Nice! Great outcome.

Super advertising for the Buy Back Program and InterNACHI!!!..from a Realtor, no less! :smiley:

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That’s a newer one, we use it, and it gives buyers an extra incentive.
Can we use that video on our website Nick?

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not knocking shtt, just saying basement leaks at least in one area (ph 17) unless they had an honest waterproofing contractor repar/waterproof it on the outside, ya dig?
Efflorescence, discolorment down low on blocks, highly likely 1+ exterior cracks, cracked parging in foundation walls, yeppers.

Yep. We just spent 3,850.00 to have it fixed for the new buyer.

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that was smart, just my 2 pennies, good for you guys. Place looks pretty dang good from afar

You’re a member. Talk to Nick about buying it. :smile:

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Larry lolol, shtt i can barely afford the little sob we have now, the INT system jokers is who most peeps call and… he may have hired one of them for that house hahaaaa

So with the buy back guarantee the program will buy it back if the client “Never moved into the house and just wasnt happy?”

That is my understanding, yes

Ive read the contract and it just doesnt seem to support that conclusion. Do you use the program? ever had anyone file? Thanks for info

Paul… yes, we did. More than once.

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The program makes home inspectors rich. Especially if they have to use it.

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So in my area I believe realtors are making around 7% of the sale of a house, so tell me if I am accurate on this thought- the realtor gets the initial 7% of the sale and then 7% if we use the realtor to buy it back and then another 7% because they resold it for us?

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You are incorrect about the 7% in your area. 6% is considered extremely high these days, all across the U.S. 7% is very, very rare and has been for more than a decade.

Anyway, the answer to your question is yes, but on our end, we only offer 6%. No agent in the world turns us down. In fact, when one recently tried to list the home we bought back at 4%, we explained that we wanted to pay 6%… and did.

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Right, i know that the program has purchased homes, i just didnt see where a buyer could enforce the guarantee just because “they werent happy” the terms of the contract didnt seem to support that from my reading and i was asking john reim specifically if he used the program.

Hey just a fyi, you have an inspector showing up as a CMI in starkville ms. Listed as Christopher Seans, His name is Christopher Sears and he hasnt had a valid license in several years. He doesnt show up on just the state search for ms, but does show up in the CMI search.