Shorter Screw Shank vs. 8D common?

I know that, in general, screw shank nails have a higher uplift resistance than common nails. When doing wind mitigations I often see screw shank nails used for the roof to deck attachment that are shorter than 2.5”. Can anyone provide a definitive resource showing that the shorter screw shank nails meet or exceed the resistance of 8D commons as it relates to section 3 of the Wind Mit?

*The exposed shank of the screw shank measures 1.5” on average.
Thanks for the help

Are your referring to ring shank nails? They have to be 8D.

No, not ring shank. They’re called spiral or screw shank.

If you’re looking at a fastener (and one that’s too short) and can’t identify it, then you’ll have to do additional research if you want to classify it as having the required uplift.
A photo of a short nail/screw/whatever will only serve to confuse the underwriter.

I’ve tried to search online but can’t find anything that gives specifics that I can use to verify the rating. It seems like it would be a common enough issue to where other inspectors would’ve found an answer.

I keep all these things simple. If you can’t ID it, and no one can substantiate the product or prove it’s something specific, then it’s “unknown” or whatever choice makes the most sense.

You sure you’re looking at sheathing fasteners? Got a clear photo?

I’m positive that they’re sheathing fasteners. Here’s an example.