Should a engineer look at this?

I could not believe it, I would not go under it, there is people living in it.

That depends entirely on how much he needs a good laugh. :slight_smile:

WOW!!! thanks for the post .

This looks to me like an accident waiting to happen.

Deal killer. Realtors are gonna hate you for finding a costly structural repair. Suggest a little more spray foam insulation to shore everything up and move on…

Recommend a couple car jacks. Or as a freebie give them a match


If you are going to suggest an engineer, recommend someone familiar with that type of construction. The following link will probably be your best option:

If the columns were tight and no earthquakes were predicted, I would go under.

Call out the substandard and precarious nature of the “construction” and move on.

I bet your client already thinks it looks dodgy unless he is blind.

No…you just need a wrecking ball.

I’ve flipped a few houses over the years and honestly can’t see any upside to this place unless sitting on a great piece of property that you can build something new or hell even bring in a manufactured home.

Looks like they already got that covered in Photo #1 on top of the log.:shock:

I agree.

That made me chuckle :smiley:

I would go under just for the sake of getting some good photo’s. A recommendation for a qualified foundation contractor is warranted. Most foundations contractors have qualified engineers as part of their staff.

I’m sure the buyer has great plans for a finished basement soon after closing. :smiley:

Well Well I see a builder from here has moved lolol
A gallon of gas and a match is all you need.

NO …No… NO …
. He will then get insurance to pay for his loss and we all suffer with higher insurance costs.

My wise old grandmother taught me to add laughter to each and every day. She said, “Laughter is good for you!” Hillbilly Engineering will let me add laughter for at least the rest of the year! Thanks for that one.

man, don’t refer it to an engineer, refer them to an arsonist

I like the 20 ton bottle jack in pic 1
IDK why all the excitement, I see that stuff once a month. Just another day here.
I had one so bad that the girder beams finally quit sagging—when they hit the ground. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats where you are wrong. Most clients looking at this home are just as clueless as the ones living in the place.

Well what does that say about your clients? Ooffda:shock:

You need to get better clients.

Less work and more money for you.