Should a Home Inspector know about the: "CODE?"

List of NEC changes in the 2005 and 2008 NEC](



**220.5 Calculations

(A) Voltages **Unless other voltages are specified, for purposes of calculating branch-circuit and feeder loads, nominal system voltages of 120, 120/240, 208Y/120, 240, 347, 480Y/ 277, 480, 600Y/347, and 600 volts shall be used.

Sure…why not. Knowledge is king but thats a choice they have to make. We post enough code between us both that they will learn it by osmosis…lol

Now…for an HI…LEARNING code is to gain insite to how things evolve but they know not to quote code to clients or in reports…except in GA where i was told during a seminar that they can quote code…either way it never harms a person to keep learning…

The truly educated never stop learning…

That is a no brainer at least for some; every inspection is a continued educational process. When you get to the point that you think you know everything your in trouble When one stops seeking more information that is the time to seek another profession.

I imagine that very few HIs will take the time to study and learn the entire NEC any more than they will do so for plumbing, HVAC, or others. However, those with backgrounds in a given field will likely be pretty proficient in that one area, while gaining a very good working knowledge of others over time.

This conversation reminds me of the fight IEEE has with lay people who have the word “engineer” in their title.