Should a oil tank be attached to the lighting ground system


Should the lighting ground cable be bonded to the oil tank ?

I thought you were a 40/yr Master Electrician? Why can’t you answer the mans question without posting a link to Google?

Perry… I can’t give you an educated answer, but my ‘gut’ says it should be on a seperate ground rod. I understand why they interconnected it, but I would be concerned if it ever became energized when a lightning strike occurs.

Please be patient. I’m sure one of our more than qualified sparky friends will be along with their factual posts.

Thanks… that is what I was thinking…


My guess is that it’s not required to be bonded but it’s not prohibited either. You can peruse the lightning code (NFPA780) here for free:

23 years of servicing oil fire appliances never seen one grounded

Not many use oil around here, but never seen one bonded. Normally they are in the basement .