Should Builders in Missouri Continue to be Unlicensed?

If the Missouri Association of Realtors gets its way in 2008, State licensed Missouri home inspectors will be doing 11th-month Warranty inspections on unlicensed builders. I don’t think that the builders are going to want that to happen, do you?

Looky, here, at today’s latest:

They are unlicensed in Illinois, as well. With the obvious results.

Just got an e-mail from the association President of a 42 unit condo that I did a commercial inspection on. A real mess.

Not one fire stop in the whole building. Elevator electronics failing because of no ventilation. Cornice on the exterior leaking water int one unit. Did a follow up walk through with the developer and the association and he brough along his architect. Promised to fix everything (the city is holding back 3 Mil in TIFS funds untill he does).

I then wen back, again, and documented what he said he fixed (mostly didn’t fix) and gave recommendations that the association hire a licensed and insured (and good reputaion) masonry contractor to fix the leaks in the cornice. That was last march.

So today, he e-mails me and wants the name of a mason to fix the cornice leaks (heavy rains last night and it leaked (pretty bad) again). The association guy said that the mason I previously recommended was too expensive ($10K to fix all the problems). He wants another recommendation for a cheaper mason.

People look for cheap prices, then complain that the work was not done right.

Can you say “DUH!”?

Quality costs.

And that these defects weren’t found by the city inspectors (not!) and weren’t fixed by the developer (not!), just goes to show you that no one is doing their job properly.

Yet the developer and the city inspectors get paid and have no liability when the work turns out to be cr*p!

Then the client complains, to the HI, that his recommendations are too expensive.

I am gonna tell him that if he wants it fixed, it’s gonna cost him.

That is just plain reality.

“I am sorry, but due to the constraints that reality places on me, I cannot allow your lack of planning to become my emergency.” - My dear old Dad.