Should have known when I saw this

hanging in front of this house. Man I hate flips


Move in ready!!!

“just renovated, everything brand new”

I really like the crooked roof lines (no squares here!). I’m amazed at the crap people will try to buy.

The crawlspace is a definite positive attribute. :roll:

I hate crawls as they often look like this one. One time my phone fell out all the way at the other end and I had to go back in:mad:

Bad flips keep me in business!

Although I hate the look of disappointment in the clients eyes when they start to realize their move in ready dream home is actually just a bunch of cosmetics thrown onto a poorly maintained house.

Lipstick on a pig.

This move in ready home features a custom built
double slopped roof with easy to reach and maintain

You will love the extra storage space and insulated
dirt floors.

Won’t last long!

Looks like the street is crooked, maybe the city will fix it! :roll: Lord knows the guy who fixed this place thinks he did an awesome job. Another “As Is” contract.

That crawlspace though…