Should I be a home inspector?

Good morning,

Recently I started my way on becoming a home inspector. I am completely new to this, I never worked in construction nor be a DIY guy at home. One day I went to a home inspection and loved it. I find all the courses very interesting and each course that I complete makes me pay attention to that area in any house I can. Plus it has made me pay close attention to all aspects of every construction stage of a new house me and my wife are buying. But still I am not exactly a handy guy or construction experienced person.
Having said this. Can anyone who reads this give his / her opinion: should I continue and achieve the home inspector cert?.


If there is a will, there is a way. Only one way to find out.


Many here with no prior experience.
Good luck with your endeavors.


And even more with and without experience that have failed and are long gone!!

The truth is, there is NO magic formula for who will or will not succeed in this industry. If you got’s the gut’s and financial support, go for it. You will either make it, squeak by, or fail miserably.

The results are (mostly) up to you!!


If you have no prior experience you will have more to learn, but if you enjoy this type of work and are willing to invest the time to learn, then you can become a good home inspector. This forum is a good place to learn, and there are many courses available at Internachi’s web site where you can learn many subjects. Good luck in your new career. I hope to see you on this forum often.


Welcome aboard, Jovanny! You’ll never know until you try… Best of luck! :slight_smile:


Welcome to our forum, Jovanny!..Enjoy and participate. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Pick a trade. When you are young and learning the ropes every day holds an interesting learning experience. When you get older and your day is less challenging it is not that interesting anymore. The good thing about Home Inspection is that each home is different and each inspection a new challenge. Only you can decide if you want a job that puts one nut on one bolt all day long (or fills out the same books day in and day out) or to have a new challenge every day. No one stops learning in this business.