Should I become a CMI?

After engaging in a passionate discussion with fellow Facebook users about the benefits of becoming a CMI, I came across some negative feedback. However, I decided to reach out to Nick Gromicko to gain more insight on the matter. His prompt and convincing response led me to take the plunge and become a Certified Master Inspector. Since then, I’ve noticed a significant increase in our business volume and have been able to mentor three other home inspectors. Additionally, by simply identifying myself as a CMI, I’ve been able to assist other inspectors and gain greater recognition within our community. I proudly wear the CMI hat wherever I go and use it to market myself, while also uplifting other inspectors. I’m grateful that I didn’t allow the negative opinions of others to dissuade me from pursuing this certification, as it has more than paid for itself. Thank you, Nick!


Awesome. STACKS: A Home Inspector’s Guide to Increasing Gross Revenue

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@dhouglum - I am not on the Facebook side of InterNACHI, but what would be the negative feedback? I see it as just another feather to have in your cap.

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@jballard6 - Take the same money, and invest it with the same energy you would with CMI… and tell us that CMI made a difference! Nobody except some home inspectors have any clue what a CMI is, but I bet ya some quality advertising will go a long ways in your marketing area for everyone to get to know ya!

That’s exactly why I have this on my website. It is a “feather in the cap” if you will, that can lead to a potential client choosing a CMI over those who aren’t CMIs. In the past I’ve had people tell being a CMI was the reason they hired me.

Personally, I would recommend every home inspector that’s not my competition become a CMI.


LOL, the only negative on here is a non-CMI who claims to be an ACTIVE member of National Association of Home Inspectors. I wouldn’t take his advice on promoting a business or showing credibility. The CMI designation costs very little and adds a level of trustworthiness. I’ve been pleased with the benefits.

To help clear up any confusion… CMI is for the inspector who has proven to himself that he’s a professional, not a marketing gimmick to convince others of your professionalism.

Yup, your true Democrat is showing.
Pay $2,500 to Nick for a Logo patting yourself on the back because you are ‘something special’. LOL!!

There is one thing said about that, on the other hand after being a CMI it is forever in your portfolio. I market just like the rest of y’all and this seems to be the icing on the cake.

Just for the record it’s been well over a decade that I have not been affiliated with any political party. Like I implied, CMI isn’t for everyone.