Should I have tested Emergency Heat in the Summer Time?

I inspected an electric HVAC system in summer time, tested it only in cool mode. Now that it’s winter, the client says the emergency/aux heat is not operating. He says this was verified by an HVAC professional. I thought I could not inspect emergency heat in summer. I need clarification, please.

Of course. Why wouldn’t you?

Did you disclose in the report that you didn’t test the auxiliary heat and why?

If you didn’t you should have disclosed it it the report. Your website says you’ve been inspecting for 10 Years?

We always tested the heat mode .

Same here - always

Should check, always , How ever it could have went bad also no way of telling when it went

I have had mixed results over the years testing emergency/aux heat in summer time. Some units are designed not work in that mode in summer temps. No, I did not disclose it either. Thank you for your input.

Well of course you should have operated it, In 40 years of working on them I have never seen one with a outdoor stat preventing them from operating in the summer

Too hot to run the heat in the summer here. Y would any one live where you need “emergency” heat anyway?

That’s the only way you would know if it works. No different than running an electric dryer in the summer time.

Did you at least report that you didn’t test it?

Put your big boy panties on and run it anyway:p

Maybe you can deduct the HVAC contractor’s repair fee as a “training and education” expense.

I haven’t killed one heat pump yet in 95 degree weather in the summer here. If you can’t inspect it you better disclose why.


When the house is more than 90 degrees on inside the thermostat will not allow the Heat to be turned on.


I guess the A/C wasn’t working either then.:cool: Cool down the house first, then switch to emergency/aux heat.

You must realize where he lives they have not progressed past the swamp cooler Era;-)