Should I start hiding the Daily Door Prize on various threads so it isn't so easy?


Oh my gosh, you have me laughing so hard! :mrgreen:

I think that you should be aloud to win once ever 60 days.
an at different times though out the day

holy crap if you hide it i will never have a chance… I never find it until its too late anyway… limiting how often gives those of us who cannot monitor it as closely a chance…

“spread the wealth” as they say…

good idea

also limit winnings to one per month

Do you know that every time I have won, I have only been on the forum for less than an hour, sometimes five or ten minutes?

Not everybody has to “monitor” the forum to win. It’s just the luck of the draw and a couple trade secrets.

it’s hard to believe anyone is that “lucky”… timing is everything I guess!!

I really do not care how you spell cheque.
The Canadian way or the US way just sign it send it to me and I will fill the rest in for my .
You will of course have a friend for life I will never forget you send me a letter and I will send you my new address some where in the South America might be Nice.
This way I will not have to wait for that nice man in Nigeria. and no more free Gifts either
Roy Cooke


I have been on the computer for several hours waiting for the prize a few times, and every time I lose. It will be posted just after I leave or something. I just figured “someone” was trying to tell me something.:shock:

I don’t get it.

I guess you only use plastic sorry . Roy

No, I just didn’t see how it fit into the thread.

I don’t use plastic at all. Cash only, in full, nothing charged. Ever.

Look at the time 223 yesterday and you will see where it came from .
I could not live with out me plastic always have a receipt and work with there money for up to 30 days
Roy Cooke

I just don’t like borrowing anymore. I had some bad experiences with it before.

Nick, I always thought you were going to jump around, since the very beginning - surprised when you didn’t.

First of all, it’s a gift horse so I won’t look it in the mouth, I’ll just criticize it from afar. To be fair, limit one prize a month for each member. To make it tricky, maybe post it under your name still, but under titles other than “Daily door prize”. There goes the “new post” trick. Nick, you have enough on your plate to be too concerned with prizes. I mean, I don’t know what you do because I have never walked a mile in your shoes, but I bet your busy. But if I did walk a mile in your shoes, I would know this much; That I would be a mile away from you…and that I would have your shoes.

Like I said. I think people will pass on the lower prizes in favor of the big ones, and I don’t use the “new post” trick. I have my own trick. :wink:

Tricks or not I,ve won twice and have not recieved either. I,m thinking its just something to get you to look at the more often.

Are you serious?

No, there isn’t any excuse for it to be overlooked twice. I feel really bad.

Which ones did you win again? The Album? and something else?

Can you email me privately please?


Why don’t you assign a prize value level. So a radio would be maybe prize level B or C, cash prize would be A, those crazy microwave tester things I won would be like Y or Z. (what am I supposed to do with those things - my kid has incorporated them into his legos)

Then limit the prizes that way. So then one person could only win one prize at level A, one or two at level B…and so on.

Just a thought.