Should InterNACHI take over ESA (Environmental Solutions Association)?

Does anyone belong to ESA?

I do and it is a poorly run outfit. The are competing with ACAC and doing a poor job of it. Would I renew? Who knows, but I can say that all they want is your $$$$ and once they get it you never hear from them until dues are do again. I did it for a designation of Master Indoor Environemental Specialist…which includes testing about Radon, Mold, and VOC’s. No one else in the area had it, so I jumped on the wagon and got it…

Aren’t they the ones that bought InspectVue from Keith?

Nick, that is like a BS marketing ploy. They do not take care of their people and once they get your fee, you never hear from them until they want more money for different classes. Could they become huge? Sure, but it will take a ton of organization and even some “caring”.They do not realize its a rather small industry where reputation is EVERYthing.

Thanks to our staffers, I can honestly argue that InterNACHI is one the world’s best run trade associations. I think we ESA would really benefit from our management.

As a member of ESA I can honestly say that they do not give value for money.

That was ESP

Would ESA benefit from Inachi Management? I think Inachi has awesome people and ANYTHING would benefit them. As said early their is no real benefit for the money. Its not their organization. I think they have all the tools, just no one to organize, oversee and run them.

It super easy to train for…just follow the ISO’s…look at IS500 and IS520 and there is another ISO that tells you how to take samples. Don’t re-invent the wheel just teach it with consistency.

As a past member of ESA, I can tell you that it was a complete waste of money. There courses are less than educational, return calls to get access codes for tests take forever, and there marketing materials are just plain bad. Given the educators, staff and dedication to the industry, Nachi should take over ESA. It"s a win win for the membership.

Was a member did not renew

Its Environmental. If you cant spell it you cant be it.:shock:

Isn’t ESA the org that Bernie used to train for?

Or are they the outfit that also handles HIF?

The one Bernie trains for.

they could definitively use better management

I have been a member for several years and have taken almost every one of their courses. The course material repeats itself from one to the next and there isn’t that much diversity between some of them. Membership benifits are not all that much and whenever you call for an answer to some of the simplest questions, it takes hours to days to get an answer. They are constantly trying to sell courses through emails and phone calls, but offer very little to existing members. I would have to agee that some of their taining classes are lacking valuable information in order to inform potential inspectors how to perform certain procedures correctly.

I haven’t heard if they were selling the company, so I don’t know where the take over discussion is originating. I do know that their office staff is hardly reachable most of the time because it seems that nobody really answers the phone there. Office staff are always unavailabe because they are in training sessions all the time. If there was an offer on the table for InterNACHI to take on the responsiblity of handling calls, then I am all for the idea.

Been a member off and on since 2002.
when we have new guy’s that need radon training for Florida, I get a discount as member for classes.
Why would anyone mess with ESA for environmental certifications ( except radon for Florida) when ACAC is out there. ACAC is accepted by all the states that have environmental licensing. You can call it master environmentalist or master baiter but if it’s not from ACAC the industry knows better.
After ten years and thousands of projects, that’s my 2 cents.
Have a good weekend.

LOL…I don’t see the benefit of ACAC…do you need it to get licensed?..So apparently its as useless as the others…

I love how people see THEIR qualifications as the PREMIER qualification…perception is reality in each persons eyes…

I was a member of ACAC and ESA, both appear to be in it just to sell their courses. Both got good courses. No benefits with either org. If I would take another course, it would be from ESA. ACAC is ran like A$HI.

Thanks for the heads up, I was considering ACAC, now I’ll just pass and wait to see what Nick will do.