Should Mock Inspections Include Photos?

I’m filling out InterNACHI’s Inspection Checklists to submit for the mock inspection requirement. The .PDF version of the Checklist doesn’t have a way to include photos, but the .DOC version can be edited.

Should I include photos in my mock inspection? I feel like it would be good practice…

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You should, just like a paid Inspection,


Follow the SOP. However, if you plan on using photo’s in your future reports…then do it now. You’ll be surprised how much “talent” goes into good photos.

For me, all photos should be sized correctly. Subject matter in focus. Labeling photos is a good practice but not required. Circles, arrows etc. are typically very useful.

Photo’s are only meant to illustrate the narrative in my opinion. My reports could easily stand alone without photos.


Remember… the photos are intended to show your client a visual of what your report narrative explains. If your client cannot see in the photo what you have explained in the narrative, IMO, you have failed in your duties. You need for your client to see through ‘your’ eyes!


Thank you all for the great advice!


I don’t recall adding photos to my mock inspections, but it was a few years ago. I agree about the importance of quality photos for your report. One reason I don’t do onsite and send reports yet. I usually take an hour or so editing my photos for light exposure, zoom in, adjust to fit specifics etc. Takes more time but makes the report look more polished. JMO.


I do tag all photos in my reports as well.


Fortunately, my report software (Home Gauge) allows me to do those edits inside the report. But just like you, I spend a good amount of time in the edits. Our report is our product when it is all said and done.


HIP allows for photo edits within the program as well.


You absolutely should do it as a normal inspection that a client would see. If you are using a software program like Homeguage or Spectora or HIP, they should all give you full access to make a report as you want.

Jordan, I appreciate the advice. I originally thought I had to use the form provided by InterNACHI for the mock inspections. Maybe I should use of the many programs available instead…

Members use InterNACHI’s Basic Home Inspection Checklist for submitting mock inspection reports to fulfill the home inspector certification requirements.

You may also be interested in purchasing home inspection reporting software from our e-commerce partner Inspector Outlet, which offers discounts for InterNACHI® members.

Saman, I use HIP and so mine on an ipad which takes the pictures. I can check the result right away. I have used a canon and downloaded the pictures in the past but like the fact I can do everything right there while I’m working. The only problem I have had is that my ipad does not have a flash but I have gotten very good with a flashlight and lighting an area that give just enough light for the picture. I see you are in Denver. If you would like to see what I have I will be happy to show you.

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Paul, I appreciate the feedback! I sent you a private message.