Should old threads be locked

Almost all of the old threads that are resurrected are done by non-members and spammers. A quick poll to see what the membership thinks.

Should threads automatically be locked 1 year after the last post?

Yes. If someone finds value in a closed thread, they could always begin a new thread (appropriately titled, of course) and reference the old thread in the new thread.

For those voting NO… this is NOT saying to delete the old thread, but to close them to new posts, preventing spammers from recycling the Google juice on old threads! The old threads will remain viewable for an eternity, or at least until Nick does a deep six.

Yes. But the odds of Nick doing it are pretty slim.

This is the best reason. We have had 10 year old threads revived and there have been numerous code changes since the original post so the information contained within may not be current or even allowed at this time…

Yes. I just don’t know of a way to do it automatically.

Can you automatically archive the threads older than a year, there is an archive section, and then lock the archive section for anything except viewing?

That’s what an IT department is for. Besides, isn’t Chris a computer guru, or did he go stoopid overnight? Seems to me he should be able to handle this in 30 seconds or less!

I am surprised at the votes so far. For anybody voting NO, can you explain why?

Remember, this is not about deleting old threads, it is about locking comments on threads that have been inactive for over a year. In some instances, there have been 10 year old threads resurrected. Just curious.


I agree with the above comments.

Probably because most threads on this message board are technical and they aren’t obsolete after a year. That would be my guess.

While an interesting question, I would be happier if the overwhelming number of pointless student posts or “essay assignments” where placed somewhere else (other than “new posts”).
Seems more relevant to actually using the board.


If there is a thread from 2006, the codes have changed 3, possibly 4 times. It may not only be obsolete, it may be completely wrong. They are dead threads and should be “read only”.

Ya Steve is right, if there is any way to discourage more people from posting here, I am all for it.

We have way too many posts and active posters as it is now. Throttle this dam board back a bit…

You could always stop posting?

There are still many useful threads in the archives.

And deny you my vast knowledge Roy?? :roll: I am sure I am doing your clients a favor just knowing you are reading my posts…

No need to thank me Bro…:cool:

Exactly how are they useful?

As material to READ? I agree. And nobody is asking to change that.

Useful to post on? If it is, begin a new thread and copy&past a link to the old thread in the new thread. The old thread should be used as a reference only, with the NEW thread being the updated current resource of information.

Thank you Brian! :smiley:

Especially regarding marketing and non code related stuff.

And then NO ONE will ever use the search feature.