Should realtors be allowed to recommend names of HI's?

People are smart enough to make up their own minds on who to hire and for what. If you want to be told what you can and cannot do go to a country lead by a dictator. This is America and if we are qualified and the customers want us then mind your own business and get lost. Go be a condo commando if you want a position of power where you can make people do as you like.

And look at the great shape the economy is in, no thanks to lack of regulation in the financial sector…essentailly a $700 billion fraud was perpetrated on** smart** investment managers that took care of ordinary folks $$$$$. I recently spoke with someone who visited Florida a few weeks back…they were shocked about the # of foreclosure signs…the whole state’s for sale!

From your attitude and you not wanting a bit of protection for the consumer, you’d be the last contractor I’d want working on my house…I can see that corner cutting would be your #1 money maker!! SAD!!

Your quote from another post:
“I hate to lump you in with me but I believe each person should make their own decisions about what is right and what is wrong.”

Really?? So, laws have no place in your world, even when written and adopted by your elected officials. I wouldn’t want to live in your little world.

Realtors should not be able to recommend home inspectors because there is such a conflict of interest. It should be illegal. The realtor has a vested interest in the sale of the property going through. We as home inspectors are supposed to be objective and have no interest as to whether the home sale goes through or not. I dont get business from realtors and Ii like it that way. My customer is always first period.

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Do any of you sheep actually think they are giving written reccomendations?

If you are against what they can say then you are against freedom of speach. How can you be so Anti-American? How will you stop the people from SAYING whatever they want to whoever they want? How will you prove it?

It amazes me how many of the folks here are so into being told what to do. I know a ton of small business owners in a hundred different industries and none want more regulation except the few I see posting here. You people are really what is wrong with our country today. You want the organization or the government to protect you and tell you what to do. Figure it all out yourself and protect yourself.[size=6] STOP TRYING TO TELL OTHERS WHAT TO DO AND MIND YOU OWN DAMN BUSINESS.[/size]

I agree.

Hey!!! Another guy with crayons!!

So what laws and rules do you support …or would you prefer anarchy…much more money to be made in anarchy!!!

Why don’t you move to the Congo…lots more $$$ to be made there…just bring** ALL** your guns!

Tell me how you are going to enforce you great idea???

So Brian and James you are both against Free Speech. You both have serious Anti-American thoughts running around in your minds. You want to take away peoples basic rights.

I could not possibly carry “ALL” my guns anywhere.

“Hey, George! Having a regulated industry does not prevent competition;it’s just not the wild west anymore and HI’s may have to be responsible for their actions now…without clients having to spend big $$$$$ to get them to court, if necessary.”

And that is the great mystery. Why do you control freaks fear the court system so much? In the tiny number of cases that actually make it to court, the complainant gets his hearing and an impartial authority makes a judgment. The system works like this - Realtor refers a soft inspector / soft inspector misses something / client sues Realtor and inspector. Both deserve to be sued. The system works in every other area of commerce. Why do you fear it so in ours? Or are you afraid that you might be caught by it?

“Even with our “socialized” medicine here, you still get to chose the doctor you want as a personal physician. Ask your American INACHI brothers in regulated states if the rules are putting them out of business of if competition has disappeared?”

Well, Brian, your socialized medicine has made doctors so scarce that the public is forced to take what ever doctor they can find IF they can find one. But of course, limiting the number of service providers ( inspectors) is just what you control freaks want isn’t it? Limit the number of inspectors and allow you to dominate the market.

“In case you don’t remember it, George, but you had to jump over Nick’s artificial bar to get “certified” here in the “diploma mill” as you called it! And he’s just one person making the rules!!”

In case you don’t remember it, Brian, I and thousands of other inspectors chose to be members of INACHI. We didn’t have that choice and other choices made for us by self appointed “industry leaders”.

A few years back, I listened to a radio series of public presentations from a constitutional expert from Harvard. She said that, in general, people don’t understand their rights and freedoms.

The thing that stuck in my mind was that when the constitution was being drafted, the common good was always being balanced off against individual freedoms. So if a law is better for the common good versus the individual, where do you stand?

Free speech is something both our countries protect well until it becomes hate against minorities and other identifiable groups that may lead to discrimination, personal injury/death. Do you agree with this or would you like to bash gays and others?

Do you feel threatened and sleep with a gun by your bed each night? If so, move!!

I am not for bashing anyone. I do not care who you or anyone else sleeps with. What you don’t get is I do as you should do. I mind my own business and do not concern myself with what others are doing. No one should get special rights or special punishments based on how they feel. A crime is a crime. If James punches me I do not feel he should be charged with a more serious crime just because he hates contractors.

I keep one of my guns loaded and ready in a locked box at all times. I sure do not rely on others to protect my family or myself.

If you were to remove all of the references to this association off of your site…you could screw every unsuspecting consumer unfortunate enough to hire you…and no one here would care. But when you “do your thing” under the cloak of the reputation of the members of this association, the association has the right and the duty to enforce its ethical standards.

No one cares if you like it. Just do it, or don’t let the door hit you in the ashi on your way out.

Merry Christmas.

Realtors, lawyers, insurance agents, doctors, dentists, carpenters, mechanics and anyone else should be able to recommend anyone they want to a buyer for a home inspection. The buyer is the one who should hire the home inspector after performing their own due diligence.

If the buyer wants to hire a contractor to inspect their home and the inspector states they’re a contractor, there should be no issue. Many buyers think most of us are or were contractors anyway.

Yeah a person with a brain.

James I really believe you are in another world. Lala land.

Realtors have a special, much closer relationship to the purchaser than do the others. Realtors have sometimes directly worked with the purchaser for 2,3,4 months to find the right house and it then becomes a confidence game!! And of all the vendors (insurer, surveyer, lawyer, title insurer, HI) that may be involved with the home purchaser in the purchase period, the realtor definitely stands to make the larger $$$$$ and should be banned from recommending an HI…huge conflict of interest!!!

It’s good to see BC being progressive and moving ahead. It starts breaking the old mold and will p— off a lot of realtors and HI’s but…it is the way to go. Rulemakers will easily understand the questionable relationship between the realtor/HI and move to correct it. I don’t know if my one paragraph submission to the BC Consumer Protection agency from the other side of the country had any effect on their policies regarding this issue…I only can hope so.

BTW…Is the resistance to this concept coming from those who depend on realtors for their bread and butter?? Break away from the mothership!!

Brian I have lots of information that could help you but you tend to think you are smarter then all of the NACHI inspectors .
Your attitude shows just how little respect you have for the NACHI Association its members .
I must say you have accomplished a lot of what you want .
Many post’s have been made on the NACHI closed site so you can not push your ( I am better then all ) on some of the subjects .
Unfortunately other none members have lost a lot of information .
You have managed to cause the better inspectors to no longer use the
Total posts are Brian 3 Marcel 3 and bryce 2 in the last week and none where home Inspection related .


Only if the people involved are unethical, and if that is the case then no amount of laws, rules or COE’s can stop it. The prisons are full of people who broke laws that are in place to stop a particular behavior. :wink:

But when they’re off the street, they cannot continue the action. And if the rules involving conflict of interest are stringent and enforced, they will not ever be back in that position again. My comparison is lawyers that delve into clients’ “in trust” monies…touch those $$$$$ and you’ll never practice law again…legally!!!

Again how do you commies plan on enforcing your ridiculous idea? how will you prove what people say? I guess you cannot come up with a answer.

And if it can be proven that a Realtor and Inspector are in cahoots, then perhaps both won’t be able to practice their professions again either. It isn’t up to the law to tell people who they can or can’t recommend, or who the buyer can’t listen to for a recommendation.

It seems that those who are for restrictions of recommendations from anyone are the ones who don’t get them anyway, so they don’t want anyone else to get them. :roll::wink:

All they care about is themselves and try to fool others by acting like they are protecting the public. I am not at all soft and that does not go over well with most Realtors and it would help me if they could not make recommendations but I will still stand up for their rights. Seeing I am an American I am all for free speech even if it does not help me personally.

Notice there is no answers to the questions I asked on how they would prove it or stop it from happening.