Should realtors have a background check?

Unf…ing believable

And they say inspectors can’t be trusted with supra keys…

Yes of all the people on the planet YES YES YES.

Them and all used car salesmen!!!


I would not let anyone have the keys or otherwise unfettered access to my property unless I knew of their background. That includes a police check where I don’t know someone personally. I don’t care what profession they are in. Realtors, Home Inspectors, heck I even asked (and got) Molly Maid for PBC proof!

RECO application includes a criminal record check.

Whoopee .
we had a local Agent here get caught shop lifting in a of the local store.
The judge gave him a discharge as the judge said if he has a record he will no longer be able to sell homes .
I inspected some of his sales and he should be in a different business .

Sadly there are enough stupid people in the world to represent every profession and their acts do a disservice to other people in the same profession; whether it’s a Realtor, a doctor, a lawyer, a priest, a school teacher, or even a home inspector.