Should we start a section on this forum dedicated to promoting our side businesses?

I know many of you have side businesses or your wives or family members have side businesses: Accounting services, moving companies, online stores, auto sales, etc.

I think we should start letting fellow members know what other products and services we offer. I know I’d much rather buy from a member than a non-member. But we can’t buy your product or service if we don’t know about it.



Can it be called “Nicks List” ? :slight_smile:

For some inspectors, home inspecting is their side business.:D:D

will there be homosexual prostituting? Linus? Bob?

Oh no… some might see a conflict of interest :slight_smile: First change the COE. Then yes do all you can to do help us all make more money :slight_smile:

Why use a good idea as a chance to insult fellow members on a public board ?

Get your head out of the gutter.

Nick as we discussed at the marketing siminar in Topeka, how about a question thread for RE agents? Seperate site for agents only? There is very little info/sites out there for agents to voice their concerns. We could learn from them.

I mow grass from time to time, and sometimes give away one free mowing to clients when they move in; often they do not have time to cut that first mowing when they are busy moving in.

I like the idea Nick. It is a great way for someone struggling to get started to share what they are doing.

It may also keep endless threads in a controlled area.

Sounds good… and how about at the same time… a section for Vendor-Members to sell their wares to keep them from contaminating every thread elsewhere on the MB. We have a Classified section… for stuff for sale. Perhaps they should be limited to mentioning their products in there only… or be banished for life!!!

My wife has a dance business. She teaches 3-6 years olds. Would be perfect for some here :slight_smile:

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Very, very badly!

So you guys actually think NACHI inspectors talk bad about Realtors on Active Rain or similiar sites?

Active Rain is their playground, and I think many of the inspectors there are not of the Realtors are the enemy mindset. Personally I wouldn’t care if Realtors came here, but it could potential have an adverse affect on some inspectors here.

Say a Realtor comes here to get a question answered and it is professionally handled. Then they get the idea to start searching around this forum. They see the name of an inspector they have worked with before and read some of that inspectors other posts. The behavior of many on here would be less than appealing to someone who cares to work with other professionals.

It could work, but for some it could be harmful.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to invite people to your party when you have low regard for them in the first place. Not that all inspectors do, but there are many.

My wife sells jewelry :slight_smile: Valentines day is coming up. Do your shopping here as you bash your fellow members!!

Dude, she is getting ready to have a baby soon. Stop trying to put her to work :stuck_out_tongue:

She just quit her job :slight_smile: She always sells jewelry though.

What is her USP?

She has several.

He jewelry comes with a Golden Guarantee-Any manufacturers defects are replaced for life. I see her doing exchanges all the time.

Her jewelry is nickel free

Shipping is $4 regardless of how much jewelry you buy

I don’t know all of this stuff, I tend to think about theory of electricity or something when she starts talking about it.

I vote “NO.”