Should You Hire a Call Center? With Paula Pinnix

You’re in a crawlspace and your phone rings. It is a potential client looking for a home inspection. How likely are you to make sure you land the deal? Are you going to be able to make a good argument for your ancillary services? This is one of the reasons why home inspectors choose to hire a call center. In this episode, we will talk with Paula Pinnix from ACC and learn how a call center can make your life easier.

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Do you do enough inspections per day, 5 days a week to warrant the expense?

You have one good shot at landing a job from a phone call. Answering the phone, and engaging the caller so they know and trust you can do the job. A call center can not do that for you. Are they going to quote a price so you can be eliminated from the list for being $5 too high, before you even get to call them back?

To keep from loosing the job, you have to answer the call from the call center ASAP anyway, or the caller is on to the next guy.

Answering the call directly, and telling them your stuck in a crawlspace, getting their call back info, shows you actually do inspections (not sitting around watching daytime soap operas). Most are willing to wait a few. At least they go to talk with you. If they are gone after that, they would be gone anyway, in most cases.

The phone call is one of the post important thing a HI can master. I don’t care what you did to become a HI, if you can’t close the deal over the phone, your unemployed.

Set up your voice mail so the caller expects to hear from you as soon as you get out of the crawlspace, from talking with your current client, or sitting on the can…

Just my opinion. I had secretaries to answer my calls when my schedule was maxed out and I lived out of my office. It was just the next best thing to being there. was never happy with it. Your caller want’s information, now. How long “now” is, matters.