Should you trust FPE Panels?

I always mention the risks with them, and refer it to a licensed electrician to make the call for replacement.

Ditto, we have tons of them here.

These people seem to disagree with what you have posted

Try again Mr. Whitt I have already seen this article about 5 times.

As do I.

Note: CPSC staff advises electricians, homeowners, home inspectors and real estate agents to read and interpret the following press release carefully. The press release announces that the Commission closed the matter without making a determination as to the safety of FPE circuit breakers or the accuracy of the manufacturer’s position on the matter. The Commission advises consumers to take the safety precautions noted in this notice with all circuit breakers and fuses.

Review by a electrician , recommend replacement Most of these panel in this area are crap anyway , Mounted outside and rusted out.

Yes the only reason they have not been removed and properly dealt with is lack of money.
They have not and will not be able to say they are safe.
Again not our call to say they are safe but to differ them to an Electrician.
Along with the statement recognized by CSPC.

Do you mean this statement?

Why aren’t licensed States like Texas requiring identification and reporting of panel Mfg’s, if they are such a liability?

Why are Home Inspectors tasked with ID’ing them, and not electricians and power utilities?

And lastly, why isn’t it NACHI Law?

Just about everything in that OP article, I’ve also seen in other panels. Why is that?

I inspect the operation of all types of panels, not just their name plate.
I think they all should be removed from homes and we go back to lanterns!

Oh wait, the are a fire hazard also aren’t they?!#-o

You and I have discussed this before Kevin, and you know my position - I disagree with the fact that these are “latent hazards,” and I inspect every panel on its own merits.

It seems that you are not interested in debating an issue as an exercise in learning, but rather, you insist that yours is the only correct position despite what experienced professionals will say. This was blatantly demonstrated in this thread.

So my only question would be, why is it that you would “defer” these to an electrician for further evaluation when you have clearly implied (in this thread) that you are more qualified than the electrician to make this call?

No Jeff but there other MB’s that support the FPE issue and I don’t care who opens them. This is for those that want to decide how they will approach the issue.
I mention it again as some are still deciding.
Maybe we need to put a vote up?

So I now ask if you put more credit in what is written on a web page that has no reference to a recognized testing lab or do you put more credit in a web page that does use recognized testing labs?
If you have seen it and the report references what they use for the foundation of their report do you just disregard that information?

Are you one of those Home Inspectors that believes anything someone post on a web page or are you dedicated to your profession and seek out the correct answers to questions that arise in your profession?

The inspectapedia is a web site owned by one man who collects information from the field and most is from people who “think” what they have is good information that is presented for others to observe.

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is owned by the government and its sole purpose is the protection of the public. They use nationally recognized testing labs for their testing. Do you just disregard anything they have to say because of an unfounded reference from another site?

As a consumer who do you think I am going to put my trust in?

I have seen some of the same problems with other manufacturers that FPE and Zinco has. Should these other manufacturers be deemed unfit also?

**I have said this many times, any home inspector that just condemns a product because of its name is NOT and I repeat NOT much of an inspector. He/ she didn’t do an inspection they only quoted someone else. **

**I told my neighbor that he need to get rid of his new 2011 BMW as they had a recall on that car. I would never have one because I have seen pictures where the seat belt retractor failed. **
**See how stupid that statement sounds. I say the same when I see a HI report that condemns any electrical product with a reference to anything other than a Nationally Recognized Testing Lab such as UL, Met, CPSC, and so forth. **

When I read this first line from the CPSC I disregard any information found on inspectapedia;

These people clearly state that these breakers pose no risk so who am I to disagree?
Then they go on to say;

**This includes you as long as the information you have is founded and not just a bunch of pictures of damaged panels with a name on them but no founded information as to why the panel is damaged. **

For the record I have told you and many others on this MB I am not an Electrician. So my info dose not stem from a biased opinion of an Electrician.
My info agrees with InterNachi pg 66 of the How to perform Electrical Inspections.
Authors Nick Gromicko, Gerry Beaumont, Paul Abernathy

I agree with Mike and judge every panel on what I see .

Consumers who have questions concerning circuit breakers, or who wish to report information relating to their safety, may call the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s toll-free safety hotline at 800-638-CPSC.

So both you and Mr. Whitt don’t agree with the authors of the book you are supposed to use for inspection?
One of those Authors is well known in the field of Electrical.

**Exactly. **
yes until our Governments say they are not to be used I will take their advice .

Kevin, there is no “book you’re supposed to use for inspections.” There are many publications available for reference and education, but no “play book” to follow.

May I ask, where did you get your formal training? How long have you been an inspector, and how many inspections have you performed? I’m not asking to criticize, I’m just trying to get a grasp on your experience as an inspector.

Shoot me a PM if you’d rather not post it publicly. I will respect your privacy. Your profile is set to not-accept PM’s, otherwise I would not have asked publicly.

Yes it is Jeff and if you can’t get a hold of me you are not looking very hard.
I am not saying you need to change them.
I am not saying all of them are bad.
I am only pointing out what is well known by many Inspectors and victims on other MB’s
As my POST says.
Should I trust my FPE panel?