Show me your Mug

You have a lovely grandaughter

Thats a tourist shirt if I ever saw one:)

Ohhhhhh Sh!t.:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

My Wife & our youngest. :smiley:

Joe, We knew you were short but, anyway you look nice with that bow in your hair.:stuck_out_tongue:

now that’s a keeper Rick !!!


I’m so glad I didn’t say that, too funny :mrgreen::mrgreen:


Guinness Extra Stout.
Now that’s a beer.

It is a fair guess to say the 80% of the worlds population don’t live as well off as that dog, not even me. :smiley:

Now if I knew all that would I be here.

I just look experienced for my young age.

And much larger—::))))

ouch !!!

You only wish ole’…oops…old…buddy—:cool:

Sorry–=;, cannot tell a lie-----:-&----:-({|=


What did I do?

Got large(er), than in the picture (holdum or foldum)--------;)-----:lol:----:mwa-hah:

That is not nice!

I think I will have to make some beans and smoked meat and eat it all my self.

Maybe I will send your Grand Daughter some.

So you have certainly changed a “LITTLE” since the “Holdum or Foldum” photo…good Lord…get help Carl, Get Help, Scream for it…!!!*