Show me your shoes


Here I am in running shoes, wondering what went running past my General Store.

Let me change you socks!!!LOL

Pervert! :shock:

If you can get them Bob look for souls that are made of CARBONITE rubber.

Besides my obvious foot fetish would like to know what you guys are wearing on inspections and why .

What type of soles are best for roof climbing,traction,not getting clumpy dirt to stick,etc.

Do you guys prefer loafers so you can take them off at a door ?

You get the idea.:slight_smile:

Sneakers in the snow Nick ?

May have been a Centaur…

Cougar Paws hands down for walking roofs, but they are not good for anything else.


Yep… and a t-shirt. I took that PIC yesterday. The sun is so bright up here and the humidity is so low, that you can walk around in the snow in bare feet and shorts and not get cold.

Me like.
Need new ones.
Where can I get them ?

You also get used to it.
I stood outside talking to my neighbor for 20 minutes with a tee shirt on this morning as well.
But point taken.

Agreed and to substantiate what I mean by CARBONITE my steel toe boots just started to show wear on the bottom section after 6 years. I wear them in the summer and winter.

How do you like mine…
It sucks :frowning:


OK Mike
Sympathy card is now expired…lol

Bob, I got mine off of e-bay they were nearly new and a little over half the price. The only thing is they run big so get a smaller size, they come in half sizes but some recommend going down a whole size. I think you can also order off of there website.

More sun than Miami Beach, low humidity, and the view ain’t bad. Boots not required.

Not gonna by footwear off a site.
Gotta try them out first.


I sure as hell wish the injury was expired as well.

I never imagined it would drag on so long.


For work, I have a set of Bates work boots.
For running, Saucony PGuide 6.

I posted the link to Zappos because, they are the absolute best. When searching for my perfect running shoe, I must have ordered at least 50 pairs of shoes. Free shipping both ways and a 1 year guarantee. You can’t beat it.

It is hard to find shoes in a 10 1/2 4E!