Show & Tell # 6

Shot this today. can you tell what is going on?

Clue: A standard test.



IR_0062 AD.jpg

Only an amateur opinion, but I’d guess a shower stall leak…


yup, shower leak at corner of pan. Have seen quite a few of those.

Good eye. Stall shower enclosure leak adjacent to exterior wall leaking into the bathtub.

Tested with hot water. Hot water works great.

Have a Excellence day.




What’s really cool is when you leave it running for 20 or 30 minutes and get this type of picture in the bedroom next to the master bath. No visible signs in the bathroom, could not feel the moisture in the carpet (except for after we moved the dresser and felt where the leg was pressing down.)

This inspection and mainly this find led directly to 40 or so referred inspections (as did the next 3 leaks found in the neighborhood.) Yes, they did find mold when they tested.

Shower Leak - IR.jpg

Great, great catch Kevin!! It’s amazing how finding something like that spreads through the neighborhood, kind of like, well, like leaking water…!