Show Us Your Office

Morning fellow inspectors.
Hope everyone is well and in good spirits today.

I was rummaging around my SSD’s, HHD’s and Cloud storage drives looking for an office shot to Upload onto a post I was on on Paul Abernathy Sparky website and though to myself, to which I do every now and then, from time to time, Lol. …why not start a thread on InterNACHI forum, “Show Us Your Office.”

Please post an image of your office showing other members what your office looks like. Seeing that many of us home inspectors spend a good amount of time in the office working, or for pleasure, I though posting your office environment might assist in helping new members by giving them ideas on how to efficiently setup an office.

Here’s my latest office update.
I have two powerful computers to the right of my office desk. USB port are within a 36" reach. There are 3 high definition monitors. One monitor is a gaming monitor. 165Hz refresh rate. 2560 x 1440 (native). The screens can be moved. They are not fixed in one position. A relatively small office table. My keyboard slides in and out under the table top. My printer office all-in-one is to the right of where I sit.
Tell me with you think of this setup.


That’s a “Hoot” coming from YOU!
You are the one that constantly post’s about the troubles you’re having with your computer(s) and always blaming your problems on others, particularly those that know you as WAFI King!
Also… we are all “still” waiting for the reams of documentation and photos you love to say you will come back and provide, which you NEVER do!

So, on second thought, thanks for posting this thread and your office pic… on how NOT to do it, ya braggart!!

My powered sit/stand desk was the best thing I ever bought. My laptop is going on 3 years old and slowing down so I just ordered a new Dell with dual monitors. Not looking forward to getting it all set up but will be much more efficient once I do. Is there an easy way to tell the new Dell to just copy everything from my laptop and set up everything just the same, lol?


You must be a married man! :man_shrugging: :sunglasses:


nice Robert


I do everything on my phone or laptop.


Thank you, Mark. Much apricated.
Hope all is well at your end.

I use my laptop as one monitor (its on an articulating arm) and a larger monitor as my primary (also on an articulating arm). I love the dual set up and larger screen. I also invested in a decent well padded chair which has really helped.

I am not posting pictures because my office looks a bit like a storage room, lol.


We don’t care. Look at mine!

This is where I polish my morning reports most days. 100% of the data is collected in the field and polished in my mobile office. I rarely use my office anymore.

Pack a lunch, grab a few cold ones and get to work under the umbrella.


I have been in this office for 20 years. It is my work space, my gun storage and cleaning room, my small repair shop, my filing room and my reading room. It is 11x12, so you can imagine. My wife is not impressed, she closes and locks the door when we have company.

But, it is also where all the grandkids come and pile on me, my children come for advice and where I can bury myself in whatever project fits my fancy. :sunglasses:

My wife would be impressed if mine resembled yours in anyway.


You have made good choices :slight_smile:


Here’s my office. :laughing:


James your doing it the smart way. If you need 3 monitors and two computers to write a home inspection report your an idiot of the highest level.

I only need a phone and occasionally an iPad for a larger view.

This thread was just an attempt to bait a question about the OP’s dazzling lights on his desktop and has no real value.


Seems befitting, does it not?!

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Yes very Liberace.

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That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen today :rofl::rofl:


My Laptop on the desk with larger screen on wall


Here is mine.