Shower drain question

Wrong again

I’ve never seen that before. Can you include a close up photo of the flange along with specifications stating it’s special purpose.

Also the flange itself is loose, it will press down to floor covering height. :wink:

Like you said, do your research. A sleeve is for passing through masonry/cement.

How old is this code?

I get the feeling that you are the contractor at this job and an inspector called this out. And you’re looking for help to prove him wrong. Correct me if I’m wrong.


I think the DWV tee, should be a sanitary tee, not 90° dispersal to the sanitary laterial.

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No, I know the local inspector. I’m not worried about that. It’s just another “possible s trap” debate that’s way off track.

You still have zero real input on the topic at hand. How miserable that must feel.

Perhaps as BAD when you were ordered to pay restitution after shooting at
David Forrester?


If the P had to drop below the main, all our sinks would never work :slight_smile: I would be just as much or more so concerned with that toilet plumbing. Can’t really tell from the picture, but that toilet plumbing looks like it will make for a real shitty situation.

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What are you even talking about and what does that have to do with plumbing? Grow up

How so on the toilet?

Answers are here.


We already went over that info today.


I’m not a plumber or “Code Inspector” nor claim to be. However, again going by the picture which is a bit cumbersome to tell what I’m really looking at, and my own common sense, the toilet pipe appears bigger than the main drain pipe (may be totally off on that, but that’s what my eyes see) and, I would never connect the toilet to what appears to be a vent pipe with a couple of unfinished T connections on it. That toilet drain should connect directly to the main drain and the vent should connect in via a Wye similar to what this previously posted picture shows. It looks like you properly used a 4x3 closet elbow and a 22.5-degree street elbow off the closet elbow, however, that entire plumbing mess further down the toilet pipe is a disaster. Remember, street elbows are your friend and used properly assist in alleviating restrictions. Short story, I would never connect that toilet in that way - no way, no how.


So this is your “project”…

Just saw this and would highly recommend the employment of a licensed plumber.
Problems ahead with this plumbing is a possibility as far as I am concerned, but I am not a plumber either.