Shower in a Closet

Shower in a closet (kitchen)…

Wonder how many times someone got locked in there while taking a shower. There is no way to open the closet door from inside the shower. Great place for the unruley kids during the holidays!!!

would seem quite convenient if You were a sloppy eater…

This is a new safty requirment

All people handling food are required to shower before leaving the kitchen


Joe. Was it some goofy Mother In Law set up??

Scott. Nice observation, FUNNY! :mrgreen:

While I agree w/ part 2 of your statement :wink: it looks like there is no latching hardware :frowning: . (See pic 2)

For all you “Seinfeld” fans, wonder if there’s a garbage disposal in there too!


Sure appears to have a thumb knob, to me. :shock: but I can’t make out the keeper

Is there a commode under the sink? If you went to hang up your coat while someone(?) was using the shower…:shock:

DOH! Missed it, should have looked at pic 1 more. :frowning:

any concern with the light switch?

Missed that one. The wallpaper was too loud and I couldn’t hear it.

Only if someone turns it off while I’m showering! :mrgreen:

Most know where the important parts are, even in the dark :mrgreen: