Shower leaking in garage

So tonight at my house, the shower was running, and I was in the garage and I noticed that there was water on the floor in the garage, when the shower stopped the water stopped. So I let it dry and ran the water and had a bucket to collect and filled a 5 gallon bucket a few times and would drain the water in the sink not the shower drain. No water, I waited a bit and then filled the 5 gallon bucket from another source of water and poured the water into the drain tub and the water then continued to drip in the garage. So I know it is coming from the drain, and the drain tube is holding the water that is in the drain about half way down and not leaking out so it seams that is okay. So that leaves me to think it must be the drain seal area leaking. The shower is a walk in shower that is a plastic like material. Before I go and fill that sucker up with clear silicone any suggestions on the right way to fix this.

It’s a leaky drain seal, quite common. You can replace the seal, or upgrade the drain with a Wingtite replacement. Lots of options.


carefully remove the seal/crap that was used previously
thoroughly clean the drain hub and pipe to new condition using no abrasives
install frenco connector

if the drain is exposed below someone may need to hold in place as downward pressure is exerted during connector install if the drain line is not properly secured

obviously part of the repair should include properly securing drain line

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Great sites thanks Bob

Along with the videos that Bob posted, here is one that Dom was referring to:

I had a plumber come over today, just to take a look at the situation, he tried to reseal the drain as a temporary fix and that did not work. And being the shower is on a one story home on slab, he said the only way to get to the nut from the bottom is to remove the shower surround and could be a 4 to 12 hour job at 75/hr. So with the wingtite option, it shows that I need to cut the ring off in the video, but mine is not plastic it is brass/metal and if I start to cut I might go right through the shower. Any ideas before I spend a lot of money or really make a big mistake and cut up my shower.

Only using unorthodox methods.

From the FAQ section of the Wingtight link above:
7. How long does it take to remove the existing drain and install the WingTite shower drain?
Removing the existing plastic drain typically takes approximately 30 minutes (slightly longer for a brass drain). The WingTite Shower drain installs in approximately 10 minutes.

Alternatively, you could contact them for assistance:

Call Wingtite Technical Support at 1-805-927-1753 open Monday - Friday 10a.m. - 4p.m. (Pacific Standard Time) or email us at

Take your time…the first time is the hardest.

Try a dremel tool with a cutting wheel. They work great for removing stuck sink strainer basket nuts, easier and better control then a hack saw.

Brass is easy to cut, take your time and use a hand tool after you get the cut started to avoid a power tool running away from you. An oscillating tool is easy to control, by the way.


A bath drain leak is not only annoying but also has the potential to seriously damage the subfloor and floor joists and pour dozens of gallons of water between floors of a multilevel home or straight into your basement. If left unchecked, you will have mold and mildew problems as well as severe structural damage. A number of shower system collections by Hansgrohe

Do you also have reading comprehension the original poster stated **one story home on a slab foundation **