shower light clarity

Have seen some of these in high end homes. Combo fan and light. The bulb was condesant flood style. The buld surface was different then the other bulbs in the recessed lighting aroun it. Do they make a bulb suitable for this application? I looked at some of the broan paperwork online but did not find an answer.

I would think an outdoor rated PAR bulb would be fine. If it can withstand rain moisture from a shower should not be an issue.

Makes sense. Until it burns out and they stick an old fashoned bulb in.:wink:

Here is a link .

The lamp type should be listed on the unit. As Jim stated it’s probably required to be a PAR lamp which it appears to be in the photo.

Not responsible for what a homeowner may do to
their home in the future.

Can only educate and recommend.

Cant help stupid , I have to agree with Mr Hagarty