Shower Stall Mystery

This one yesterday had me scratching my head. I had no visible water on the tile floor but when I scan the area near the end of the wood trim board there was a temp difference. The vertical grout joint at the shower corner and the horizontal joint at the floor where the brown or dirty grout was both soft and mushy and tested positive for moisture with the meter. The probes on the meter went right through the grout with out any pressure from me. I would not have seen this without the IR camera. I thought about this long and hard before I made the call. I did not know the time frame on the last time this shower had been used. The house was occupied I scanned the towel that was hanging on the rack and it had a good Delta T from being used but did not feel wet to the touch. We will see where this one goes.

Its the little things that will get you.



So let me get this straight you meter levitated out of you tool bag and stuck itself in the wall?

I too try not to pressure my tools, they respond better to tender coercion.

I’d tear out the wall to investigate further :wink:


It appears that the shower door is not being closed fully.

Might want to get your eyes checked if you can’t see soft, mushy, dirty grout without an IR camera.

Where can I get one of those self levitating meters that can pull itself out of the bag and poke itself into soft mushy grout without any guidance from me?:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I could really use a meter like that. Does the bag have to be in the same room or can it come all the way from the vehicle by itself?

(Hey, come on, laugh a little!)

This is the most common place I find moisture, rot and mold.

Thanks for the heads up about this Message Board I thought it was in my computer. :twisted:

Hey guys cut me some slack been busy and have not been on the BB I come back and BA is ripping my shorts. If you are looking for a meter than can levitate I can help you buddy did I say buddy???

Erby I am laughing nothing wrong with my eyes those tile grouts did not give the appearance of being soft and I don’t go around touching everyone of them as this was just an 8 year old home and I was not expecting a problem.

DV Yes there was a problem with the door someone had tried to caulk the metal door frame but the moisture was under the tile not on the surface.

And Ron slides in safe under the soft grout with the levitating meter.

Say Charlie did you do a standard water test on the shower ? did you check the door system ? did you check each and every tile ? was the shower head above the door ? was there any water marks on any of the adjacent walls and baseboards ? or on and of the adjacent room flooring systems ? any cracks in any of the adjacent concrete system. any plumbing leaks or condensation condition ? L.O.L



Hey Ron that sounds like a song that cowgirls sing about Tequila Did I kiss all the cowboys did I shoot out the lights and so on.:smiley:

There could be a metal corner bead and or a wire mesh under the tile which the meter’s probes touched, thus the high reading.