Shrouds on recessed lights are hot?

I’ve never seen this before. I verified that my sniffer was working correctly. There were some bulbs out in this kitchen, so I wanted to make sure the fixtures were live. As soon as I touched the shroud my sniffer went off. I repeated the test like 10 times.


Never rely on a tik tracer. When they age a little bit, they start acting goofy. It should have been verified with a ‘Wiggy’ type of voltmeter. Putting one of the leads on the ‘nub’ contact within the lampholder and the other lead on the housing of the fixture would have verified if the wire connections were reversed.

The trim is most likely plastic, so I don’t think it would have been energized.


As Jeff said a more conclusive test is needed to determine whether or not your sniffer is actually showing an energized trim. If the trim is metallic and the fixture wired incorrectly it is possible that the entire unit is energized. I would use a volt meter and an extension cord to more accurately test it.