Shutter Question

I keep finding these 24 ga. Corrugated shutters in my area ( Southwest Florida) that are stamped with the following:

01-69.G-85 <B>
Manufactured by: “All American Shutters”

Anyone familiar with these or have done any research on them ?

Thanks in advance for any help !

Check here Fred…

But from what I saw, they are Non- HVHZ use only.



I checked there. The numbers are obviously not FBC #'s but they are stamped 2001 FBC complaint, but no known number ! Thanks

Anybody else ??? :slight_smile:

I sent you an email :slight_smile:

Mike can you send me the email…I have the same problem


I lost the info.

Sorry, maybe i’ll find it some day.

I now pick and choose who I share personal opinions with.

No problem. Keep it as you wish.

These may be them:

Thanks Eric

Sorry man I just do not trust you.

I have asked you a few things by phone message and email and never received a response.

You seem to be trying to screw folks like me at any chance you get.
Those with multiple licenses.

No hard feelings but i’ll just keep my info between folks I do not feel are trying to screw me.

Not personally, just me as a General Contractor.

If I were only a home inspector I would be your bestest pal :wink:


Thank you for you research appreciate it very much. I owe you a drink :wink:

Hope this helps, :slight_smile:

Summary of Products****FL #Model, Number or NameDescription393.122ga, 24ga Steel Panels22ga, 24ga Steel Storm PanelsLimits of Use (See Other)
Approved for use in HVHZ:
Approved for use outside HVHZ:
Impact Resistant:
Design Pressure: +/-
Other: Installation Instructions
Verified By:
Created by Independent Third Party:
Evaluation Reports
PTID_393_T_SBCCI 2312 All American 22ga 24ga Dwg.pdf
PTID_393_T_SBCCI 2312 All American 22ga 24ga Eval Rpt.pdf

“22ga, 24ga Steel Panels” 22ga, 24ga Steel Storm Panels
By: All American Shutters, Inc.

Extended Details

.edit-button {background: transparent;cursor: pointer;margin: 7px;display: block;float: left;}#column_value { float: left; }.edit-msg {clear: both;font-size: 11px;color: green;}.edit-post {font-weight: bold;padding-left: 5px;color: green;}.edit-post:before {content: "=> ";}Impact RatingYes [FL]

Approval ClassificationNon-High velocity hurricane zone

Eric does that mean they are able to be used in the HVHZ? According to what I read on approval zoom they weren’t. Thanks.


I think jays post cleared that up.


Thanks Jay, you guys are the best. One of the great reasons to belong to this group.

You make absolute and valid points. I will always stand up for my profession. I will always defend my profession. 12 years ago I decided to buy a home inspection company to…perform…HOME INSPECTIONS. It was a profession I chose to be in and still love to be in.

All contractors are welcome as long as they abide by the same rules and regulations that the LAW states they need.

I just find it odd you became a General contractor to perform Home Inspections, not many…o’wait that is not the reason you became a Home Inspector is it? It is because after "years’ of stucco work no one wanted you work anymore. Your gravy money dried up and now you try and infiltrate my profession and expect me not to defend it?

You brag and brag about your credentials and yet can only get $40 for a wind mitigation. Good thing you don’t have a PhD, you would probably only get $20, because the more you brag about your credentials the less money you make.

I am just a simple home inspector who hired another person today because of the heavy volume of work with just a simple plain ole Home Inspector license.

One day you will wake up and realize no matter your credentials, your plaques, your trophys people just don’t want to do business with you and that is why your a bottom feeder.

But the GENERAL CONTRACTOR wouldn’t share his opinion a HOME INSPECTOR shared his FACTS…once again thanks ERIC…

Any time! :smiley:

thanks Jay

This may also help

Looks like some folks want to do biz with me till they start low-balling me and then choose another path and start the ridiculing. remember this:

Re: Wind Mit form
Originally Posted by mmeeker
Originally Posted by rhensel
Looking for a guy to do them here in SW Florida…my GC is moving on to better things…can you get someone over here to do them…we do about 10 per week…let me know. The new ones are going to be alot more involved.

Thanks - Russ

Just want to put money in Inachi members pockets if possible.

Yes i am definately interested. That will be no problem. My partner of 20+ years is on the SW coast. I am not sure what we will be charging yet I will have to see the new form. Right now on the SW coast I charge $100 for the full standard wind mit. Please feel free to contact me anytime.

Can you send me a sample and can we cut it to $75?..I do about 1200 Home Inspections a year…

And for the record I just sent Fred my opinion and I did not need Russ commenting on my opinion that is why I did not send it to him. I did not have any solid for sure answers so I did not send them.

When dealing with Russ unless I am certain I try not to comment. He tends to forget what I say or do and sees things in his own way while trying to destroy those with multiple licenses by stopping them from doing what they are qualified and licensed to do.