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Another sensible thread ruined and turned into a slagging match for everyone on goggle to see.

The question is, did Fred get his answer?
Let’s focus on that.

He told me he has decided on what he was going to do so I “think” so.

Fred is a great guy.

So sending someone $90,000 a year in work a bad thing? LMAO…You turned down my offer and now doing them for almost 1/2.

I appreciate the answers guys and I did find them useful. Me and Fred are in the same area and have the same problem and yes you answered the question for me. The data will suffice, thanks for your effort.

Fact is you tried to LOWBALL me.

Funny huh :slight_smile:

Ok -----Yes I got my answers thanks for all that put in their input and their opinions. My clients are happy for now but we’ll see what the underwriter says. If I get any feed back I’ll post the findings. Again, thanks to all that helped !

As Rodney King (RIP) once said; “Can’t we all just get along” Peace out ! :wink:

Interesting…, I have multiple licenses and appreciate what Russ with others have done.

That is why I have coined the term an Uncle John :slight_smile:

No you did not, I coined it many years ago when addressing my Uncle. My nieces and nephews used it before I met you also. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wrong definition.

From the Meeksters dictionary:

Uncle John = a General Contractor who does not look out for the best interests of other General Contractors.

One who would rather be considered a Home Inspector than a General Contractor and believes Home Inspectors should have the same rights as General Contractors.

One who fights for home inspectors rights so he can make money off of the home inspectors hard work.

I am not a General Contractor, I am a Residential Contractor, I specialize in Residential Homes. I consider myself a Home Builder, not a grubber, grader, or stucco guy.

Yes it is a fact I left the Home Building profession just as it collapsed(ahead of the curve). I started doing inspections and liked it plenty more than dealing with subs that could not do a job right. (In fact I have a stucco guy today that could not nail the lath properly).

You did not hear my speech at the Orlando Stakeholders meeting on Home Inspector’s licensing, so you have no idea where I stand or stood.

I am not sure how I have made money off of home inspectors but if you could explain that I would love to know. I have never taken anything for teaching classes and have give more money than any other inspector(except Russ) from Nachi to the Florida inspector’s legislative funding. I have also personally donated much money to inspectors in need.

If you refer to forms that I make, yes I make money for time spent making forms. I have also taught others how to do it for FREE. Including getting a signature in the field electronically, I was a pioneer in that area. In the beginning I gave them away for free but was being taken advantage of with questions and requests for changes. Hence the charge. After all I am a businessman. I am quick to point out there are other options. I personally invited several vendors to show the inspectors their systems.

So where am I making money off of the hard work of inspectors?

I think and may be wrong that you employ Licensed Home Inspectors who do the inspections that only Contractors used to be able to do.

You do a ton for home inspectors I am not taking that away from you but you sure as heck do not act or look out for Contractors. I am sure that is just the way you like it.

Enjoy it.

I employ the same guys before HI licenses, they do have their HI license now. I have seen too many wind mits done wrong(before HI licensing)by contractors. It is not a matter of a license but training and I have said that all along.

I have respect for contractor licensing also, it just does not train them to do inspections of any kind. I support a contractors licensing for what it was intended, contracting.
Nothing makes me more mad than when people do not follow the same rules(unlicensed contractors). That is a primary reason why I stopped doing remodels, I can not compete with “the guy from up North with a Handyman License.”

That is why no legit folks do them.