Sick Client Requesting Mold, Asbestos, Radon, Lead & Hi

I have received a couple of calls from a individual that is living in a house that they believe is making there family sick. He is located in the West Central Indiana area. He is requesting a inspector that is insured for Mold, Asbestos, lead, radon and HI. He has checked with several other HI in this area and is coming up empty. If anyone out there can help please let me know and I will direct them to you.

Thanks - Don Taylor

Unless I read this wrong they are looking for a fall guy and Donald you could just be putting your self in the loop .
If you are able to get them someone to help them .
I would sudjest that they find somebody who has knowledge indoor air.
Tell them you do not and know no one .
The hair on the back of my neck went straight up when I read your post.
Its a big bad world out there be carefull
Roy Cooke ,

Is the prospective client only interested in an Insured inspector or are they willing to accept a Qualified Inspector?

I would pass on that one…

Thanks for your reponse and it is possible you are correct. I had already advised this individual that I cannot help him. He indicated that his family doctor suggested they contact a home inspector…my thinking was if there was someone out there qualified they might want the business.

Regards - Don Taylor

They should be looking for an indoor air quality pro not a home inspector with insurance. I would definitely pass on this one if I were you. JMHO

Stay away.

Like the plague.

Thanks to all for the advise…I plan to distance myself from this one.

Regards - Don

This client would be best served by an Industrial Hygienist.