Sidewall vent termination identification type needed.

I came across this vent (or with I believe is a vent) on a 2001 build yesterday. I have not seen these before, anyone have a link or seen before?

I figure it is for a bath exhaust. I was trying to locate on the internet.

Mike Larson is a good one for finding links to, as well as others.

214612 017 (Small).JPG

It’s a trim out box for future lighting put on during the siding job.

It’s next to a patio door I bet. :wink:

Here you go.

Looks alien. I hope you didn’t touch it!

Mike’s got it.
It’s a mounting block for vinyl siding

I disagree as it clearly has a peace symbol embedded in it .

You still trippin Bob? :mrgreen:

Nice work Mike. Never seen one.

Mike I am always amazed at how you know all these things. I had to look all over google to identify a gold plate in the floor. It was an outlet…