Siding Question

Ok the siding was warped like heat was applyied but there was no deck or platform around it. Any thoughts.[ATTACH]DSCF2008.jpg[/ATTACH]

Sunlight reflection off windows, as you can see in your photo.

have seen that occur

Thanks guys now i know what to look for thanks.

Couldn’t agree more. Sunlight.

If you ever run across this above a deck, patio, etc… and no obvious windows/sliding doors nearby, or a close neighbors windows/doors… think BBQ grill!!! I have seen that one many times. Usually the grill is not there to give the clue.

That would look like this…Square One Home Inspection_049.jpg

That one I knew just cold not figure out this one with know deck present.

Thanks again guys

Nice pic, Ian. Oftentimes they are not so noticeable.

You betcha’ :wink:

No problem Jeff. Us Wisconsinites apparently have a hard time with the grillin and da vinyl sidin…

Must be related to all the Beer, Brats, and Cheese!!! :D:D

I thinks its more the beer.