Siemens Back-fed Main Breaker Hold Down Clip

Is anyone familiar with the Siemens hold down clips? I had a 100 amp back-fed breaker that did not appear to have a hold-down method but had a conspicuous tab sticking out. I was able to find a Siemens hold-down clip but appear to only be available in red.

I was able to find a pic online of a red clip installed but it only shows me the side of the breaker with the flag so I can’t tell if there would be other observable parts.

Were these clips ever available in black?

Breaker in question…

Picture I found online…

Clip I found online. There were some other styles as well but all were red.

I don’t specifically recall seeing them in black but that install looks reasonable to me. Also, I believe the clips haven’t always been required. I’m just pulling from memory but I think sometime in the mid-90s is when they became standard. I know this because I was screamed at by a cranky electrician for calling out an old install as “wrong”.

The main thing I watch for with these is a panel not intended for use as a back-fed supply being modified - usually identified by a big metal plate screwed across the opening for a main breaker… and maybe a drywall screw holding it to the panel if the homeowner’s brother-in-law was really having a good day.

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This one was fine in that regard and the label says a retaining clip MBR-1 must be used. All I could find online was ECMBR1 as pictured above, and a thread on Mike Holt Forum that basically comes to the conclusion that the clips are red but that one person remembers them coming in gray as well, lol. But this one is black, if it is a clip.

Panel in question…

Since it looks identical to the red one I would assume that it is just a gray version. As a sparky I would just shut the breaker off and gently pull on it to check. Looks like this one but this could just be a black and white photo.

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Thanks Robert. I think i have to agree with that looking at the picture you have there.

Hay all. I was just wondering if anyone has had the experience of trying to replace main breaker of this type and the hold down snapping on you.

I have an old LC110FCGP breaker panel and the main breaker is starting to trip way under it’s rating. I tried to remove the hold down, but the handle snapped off. I’m thinking of using a drill to pry ou the remaining parts or maybe a thin screw driver.

Any suggestions. All are welcome.
Thanks in advance.


Hire an electrician would be my suggestion.

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I agree with Tony…stay safe.

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