Sign up for TAXBOT and do it right in 2014.

I started using it this year. It really makes keeping track of my receipts easy.

Did you get the InterNACHI discount?

I did

I enrolled for a year and starting inputting for 2014. Yes, Nick I also received the discount paying $99 for the year.
My question is how secure is this account? I linked all my bank accounts and credit cards, pretty scary.

I haven’t heard of any issues with them, but I’m not one of those who worry about that stuff. I’ve been the victim of numerous cases of bank and credit card fraud and never once did I have to take the hit. The banks and credit card companies always quickly fixed everything for me. I think they must have to do that because if consumers like us started losing money, we’d stop using banks and credit cards.

how has it gone for you Greg?

I have been pleased how easy it is to track and keep up with the expenses. I am anxious to see how the end of year reports print out in order to have my accountant utilize this information.