Sign up for the Owens Corning Roof Inspection Program. Additional revenue $$$.

Did the test and the agreement has been sent to Ben.

Great deal for the NACHI members . Well done thanks Nick

We have to roll it out slowly as we are building the infrastructure in front of it as we go.

Nick !
Hurry up
I want some more easy money…Yep !

sent in the form and took the test. start sending me some checks. Just take em with you to vegas in October. Ill pick them up there. :slight_smile:

West Virginia ain’t in there, wanna see my surprised face?

I guess it’ll be two years, like everything else.

We just got cell phones a couple years ago, no more empty soup cans and kite string!! :|.)

“Dad, you really should get internet, everyone is doing it”

“'The only thing should be **in **the net is fish and butterflies. I like being outa the net”

Took test and sent in form, talk to you tonight on the web cast

Over 1,100 members on the webinar right now.

Nick and Ben… I think this has been a great roll out and I can easily see the effort you guys and internachi have put forward to make this work. This is a definite benefit to nachi members through your efforts. Thanks

When can we see this in Ontario? I’m still miffed that no one at InterNACHI has the slightest interest in allowing Canadian addresses on the Energy Inspection form, thus rendering a great product useless to all Canadian members. I’d love to sign up for this as soon as it becomes available here. :slight_smile:

Took the test sent in the form. Ready to rock once you guys are set.