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Being new to the field, My question regards pa law==

. A home inspection performed by a person who has not
attained full membership in a national home inspection
association satisfies the requirements of this subsection
SECTION if the person is supervised by a full member in good
standing of a national home inspection association who agrees to
be responsible for the home inspection report by signing the

What is NACHI's process here?
Do I send in (fax,email,snailmail?)the report to NACHI and wait for a reply
before giving to the client, or have a "mentor" sign it off prior to handing the report over.
I saw a little on this subject from the PA. section of this site but mailing and waiting for the signed report did not sound very efficient (punctual) to the clients concerns.
Clarification of this would be greatly appreciated.
thank you

P.S. From what I've seen so far, NACHI represents this industry
amazingly well!!!!


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To my knowledge, I don't believe you would have to wait for the inspector to sign the report. I do believe it would be a good idea to have NACHI take a look at some of your reports before you begin inspecting for a fee.

As far as the law is concerned there is no qualification for direct supervision but again it would be best until you get the feel for what you should and should not be doing.

As for the method you choose to send NACHI your reports I do believe they prefer it to be mailed, via postal mail, fed/ex or UPS. You could send it via email but you would most likely be limited in which form you send it. A PDF would most likely be the preferred method since it would decrease the file size, as compared to MS Word which would be rather large. I don't really think they want them send via FAX since the number of reports they recieve you be rather costly to have them all faxed all of the time.

You should contact Nick for answers to these specific questions since he would be able to give you a more definitive answer.

Joe Myers

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Thank you for the info.

from my point of view, this PA Law thing really puts a sharp learning curve into everything.

I think I’m getting the idea on the process now,though

thanks again!